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Tracking for Goree Challenge 

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Ambassador Anatolio Ndong Mba

Rev. Herbert Daughtry

Matar Diop Kane

Dr. Alexander Lupenko

Suping Mooney

Jennifer Clark's Gulfstream 

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Live dispatches for Goree Challenge

Dispatches during the Atlantic Ocean crossing and leading up to the Spirit of Malabo send-off ceremony to Equatorial Guinea Museum for permanent exhibition from Gateway Marina in Brooklyn, New York.


Media Coverage

Goree Challenge in the media

Goree Challenge would receive global  coverage from television, print media, photo, radio and online coverage consistently since 2003.

On February 19, 2014, I left Las Palmas Canary Islands. I had a one way ticket and the only way home was by rowboat.

Associated Press

Sunk, but undefeated, NYC man faces Atlantic again

De Pasito Blanco a Nueva York


Amazing Grace

The 129 day journey was deep in humility and prayer. When I ran out of food, I turned it into a fast. One morning I found a 300 pound fish laying on my deck, I said "to God be the glory". Although a shark would damage my boat, the father still allowed me to reach land. When I was in the hospital an realized I just lost 70 pounds, I said, "I'm weak, but my faith is on fire". 

New Yorker rows across Atlantic, reaches Caribbean

American rower survives shark attack and reaches Caribbean from Africa

Un aventurero llega al caribe tras cruzar el Atlántico a remo

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Never Give Up

I would spend nearly eight weeks recovering in Sint Maarten. After my body gained strength and boat repaired, I continued to BVI, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. 

After departing from Monticristi, my last port in Dominican Republic, I was highjacked by pirates in Haitian waters. Afterwards, a international recovery operation was launched to retrieve the boat and send it by cargo ship to Miami.

US rower robbed of food, passport off the coast of Haiti

Hombre que cruzó a remo el Atlántico vuelve a NY tras sufrir robo en Haití

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Thank-you father

It would take twenty-one months to reach home. After boat repairs in Miami, I continued up the Intercoastal waterway (ICW). On the coast of North Carolina, I hit a cypress stump and Coast Guard had to rescue me. After repairs I continued to Virginia Inside Passage. On arrival at New York's Brooklyn Bridge, a ambulance was waiting for me. After several days in the hospital, I went home.




Post Goree Challenge

After arriving at New York's Brooklyn Bridge, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Head of State, invited my wife, son and I to Equatorial Guinea where I was decorated, gifted a home in Oyala and our family received nationality.


At Ocean City, Maryland Prayer Breakfast, I was given the Key to the City by the Mayor. Following a directive from President Obiang, the Spirit of Malabo was sent to Equatorial Guinea for permanent exhibition. Members of NYFD, UN Diplomats, and community groups were on hand for send-off ceremony.

In respect to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan, whom my second boat was named after, I returned  to United Arab Emirates to fulfill the promise I made in his memory.

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